Taking a moment to imagine and feel works wonders

I’m almost finished in reading a Wayne Dyer book all about how we can programme our minds to have our wishes fulfilled. Affirmation and visualisation are useful tools, though nothing new to most. However what really changes things is the emphasis put on feeling the wish fulfilled too.

‘Hopes are thoughts in your imagination that you can change into present day facts. You do so by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled’  – Wishes fulfilled

Thinking back there are defining moments where I affirmed something to myself and had a feeling of it too:

When I was younger I was sure I was going to move out at 18, I didn’t know how I just knew I was and that I would be very happy living independently from my parents. Sure enough at 17 almost 18 I moved out and in with my boyfriend (it’s now been 9 years).

Moments in the mirror, either on days where I was having a great day, I was ‘dressed up’ or other days when I’d just got into an argument and my face was blotchy from crying. I’d look straight into the mirror and say – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And I felt it too, as if some warm mother like friend had told me that all they see is a beautiful person inside. That wasn’t vanity, it was empowering myself that I was enough, always. Try it!

I had a similar experience when learning to drive and getting a car, I had a picture of the car I wanted on a vision board and on another board some text that said ‘I’ll drive my car!’ Each time I looked at the boards, or saw a similar car in the carpark I’d think and feel ‘That’s my car over there!’ Sure enough I passed, got the car I wanted and say ‘I’ll drive my car’ often!

The book goes on more to say about the importance of feeling the wishes fulfilled before sleep which is something I am trying to implement now.

‘The last five minutes awake, are your final pep talk to your subconscious mind. You want to focus on assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled that you’ve placed into your imagination’ – Wishes fulfilled.

Affirmations, visualisations and feeling the wish fulfilled are statements and pictures that we make up to positively direct our lives to where we want to go. Christine Hassler mentions on The Achieve Your Goals podcast when people say they find it hard to visualise she asks them ‘Do you worry?’ It’s the same, only you’ve created a bad picture when you can practice good ones often.

Wishes Fulfilled is by Wayne Dyer, visit his website and sign up to the newsletter as they offer tons of free goodies- including the whole book I downloaded FREE!

Another great book by Wayne Dyer!


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