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So many times, when we see other people’s art, journal pages, tutorials, we can come to a place of sameness, perfection and rule keeping. This is something I don’t want to happen with my creativity guides, it’s something I wondered about – how can I show creativity if I want the expression to be all their own? Surely some of what I do will transfer to them, especially if they are feeling uneasy.

Well, yes and no.

I will sort it out so in the future my videos have a different view to them, so our energy is enthusiastic but our expressions differ. It’s so important when journaling or experimenting in the expressive arts that what you put forward comes from you. The whole of you – we are all unique, we make different things same as we wear different clothes and eat different foods.

This video serves as a guide to a journal spread, this is the type of spread I do right at the beginning. This page is for you if you like (or love like me) or are open to trying painting with your fingers and hands.

Here’s why I love it and I think it’s beneficial to the process – it’s freeing for your mind and body- so much sensory fun, it’s loose you can move around as much as you want. Use different parts of your hands and just play! I started painting with my hands many years ago and  find I barely use a brush, especially for journal pages.

It’s also for you if you like sticking things on top of or writing on paint! I use pictures, pastels and pens in a graffiti style when the paint has fully dried. This I feel opens up expression more to it not being a finished art piece or background but bold statements beginning the journal.

After all that moving the paint around with your hands, you will feel free to write how you feel and open to share words that’ll lift your creative spirit when you flick back to the page in the future.

So get out a journal or thickish paper along with gesso, paints, palette, pens, pastels/crayons and a felt pen and journal with me!


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