Journal revisited: I want to be free

Journal revisited is a three part series where I go over old journal pages and re capture the rawness and expression that went into them, to loosely guide others to release, feel and find strength through journaling.

I want to be free is a two page spread made up of magazine pages, some colour and writing, it’s purpose was to highlight qualities and things I wanted to attain. This brought them into focus and from the surface magic happened!

Materials to make these pages:

  • Magazines
  • Paper or journal
  • Glue
  • Coloured crayons or pencils
  • A pen


  1. Go through magazines and pick out pictures you like and represent something to you, whether it be smiling faces, a loved up couple, a new phone etc. I also chose a bigger picture to have as my main focus.
  2. On one page stick down images in a collage style, put a bigger image on the other page.
  3. Write something next to each small picture such as ‘independent’, ‘strong’, ‘busy’, ‘happy’.
  4. Somewhere around the bigger picture put I want to be…. then finish the sentence with whatever you want to attain.
  5. Add your favourite colours to any blank space and it’s done!

You’ll be surprised at what does come into being since doing your pages, I did this at a time where I definitely did not feel free or independent and slowly but surely it’s happening for me!



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