Journal revisited: Accept all emotions

Journal revisited is a three part series where I go over old journal pages and re capture the rawness and expression that went into them, to loosely guide others to release, feel and find strength through journaling.

This page was made in of my down days, I never referred to them as good and bad days only good and down days. It was at a time where I numbed how I felt, so on the outside my face and emotions stayed the same but inside I was struggling. Also I was highly emotional and had many different feelings though couldn’t express them.

This is where journaling came in. Through journaling I could take time to explain how I felt, accept my feelings as they were and not feel shame, recognise what made me feel happy, be more aware of what didn’t and remember that it wasn’t all bad – there is some good too!

Materials to make this page:

  • Paper or journal
  • Any drawing tool – I used pastels
  • Black pen


  1. Draw a mini self portrait of how you feel down one side (optional)
  2. Write a honest but positive statement at the top Today I….
  3. Draw a circle and add in smiley face/frown/angry face ect. to whatever emotion you feel and write when you feel that way. Such as smiley face – after crafting and journaling.


Check out my previous post in Journal revisited: I want to be free.

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