4 Highlights of going away to festivals

There are a few key things I’ve learnt from going to a retreat last Summer and more recently on days out and festivals such as World Yoga. Things that I feel I couldn’t have learnt from just any short break, time away really gives you stillness and time for your creative thinking to expand. You can relax, be yourself and be open to new experiences literally round the corner.

Today I’ll go over some highlights of going away and another time I’ll outline the benefits of having some quality time while in still in your hometown, it can happen and it doesn’t take much but a big clue is in change of attitude.

4 Highlights of going away to a festival:

1. You let go of expectations where you need to be and who you need to be – It sounds obvious but true especially if like me, you are going alone. There’s no time to ‘come back someone to’, no right or wrong plan for the day, or no plans, just nap here and wake up and then decide what to do. You can go to a workshop, lie down on the grass and read, go do some yoga – anything the time is yours…

2. You can fill time the time with what you like – this especially applies to the in between time between workshops or talks. Almost every time I look back on the hour I had between workshops I recognise that as almost as important as the thing I went to learn. Why? Because when you are still you really listen to what you want, tune into your intuition and those deep seated ideas and feelings come up for you to work on. While at the World Yoga Festival I spent most of my time swimming in the lake for that very reason…..

3. As you are still, you listen to self more. Your inner calling has become louder for you to hear; make notes and journal these thoughts. If you don’t feel like reading or writing, listen to the conversations of those around you. Chances are they will deliver some inspiration, I remember when I was putting my tent up two guys putting up theirs behind me and having a positive conversation about the traffic on the way there, using words like ‘It’s all perfect!’ and ‘I definitely did some releasing on the way here’. Similarly I was sitting by the lake one day and two women were talking about their lives. One said how she is struggling to make rent with her yoga and services while people around her with a steady income have just got back from trips to India. Ah the paradox and inspiration, if you welcome it.

4. Try something brand new seems pretty obvious but you really don’t know till you get there what you will find yourself doing! For instance on the last day of World Yoga Festival I went along to a Laughter Yoga class on a whim and wanting to be in the hot sun swimming in that amazing lake. I found it was the MOST fun I had had the entire time I’d been there, I smiled more, relaxed and chatted more openly with people. I hadn’t planned for that I was just open for a new experience and let what be be.

I’m going to Wilderness festival in Oxford in a matter of days – who knows what that will bring and as for trying something new – there’s neon life drawing, naked dancing, pimp your pineapple…

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